Having our roots from Turkey and our branches reaching out to the Caspian and Central Asia Regions; we focus to being a bridge between West and the East. We serve as a regional solution partner and a consultant for investment and engineering companies from the globe and provide them local support, decisive know-how, problem-solving insight as well tailored know-who solutions.

 We are high caliber professionals and young entrepreneurs - mainly from the Oil, Energy and Finance sector. As Western companies demand consultants to be high profile individuals for their projects in the Regions where they have not yet set foot on, and in parallel to the ever-improving IT technologies; way of doing business changed drastically. As a result, back in 2004 it was decided that it was high-time to try our own wings in the Regions we know.

 We have achieved our main target set while starting our business; we have served as consultants to numerous European companies for their projects in Azerbaijan and Turkey since 2006 through Triton Consulting Ltd. of Azerbaijan and her sister companies.

 Since late 2017, we are looking forward to expanding both our client base and service area. Our main target is staying on the best track we know; we are here to serve European companies and add to our client base the United States companies who are doing business / planning to do business in EMEA Region (and mainly in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan).

 During the recent transformation in our company towards a more corporate structure, we are sticking hard to our core values; trustworthiness among our clients and no matter how much our workforce grows, every new addition is a new member to our family.